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Pharamacognosy  Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow                    

Written By Prof. P. Velayudha Panicker



The subject Pharmacognosy is that branch of study in the modern Pharmacy curriculum which deals with natural products of plant, animal and mineral origin used in modern medicine and research in chemistry at molecular level on natural products and in biotechnology. 

The author in this book tries to give focus on an area where Pharmacognosist can interact clinically between traditional Indian systems of medicine and modern medicine by acting as a bridge between the two systems which are conceptually divergent in their basic idioms of practice.  At present many super-specialty hospitals in India maintain in private sector a wing for alternative systems without any practical interaction.   It underlines the importance of opening a new avenue for the subject Pharmacognosy from the existing role of ‘Phytochemist’ in the laboratory to ‘Herbal Clinical Pharmacist’ working in hospital environment to work as a mediator so that many patient oriented result could be documented for the nation through clinical interaction.

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