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  Sri Kamalasanan
Research Papers published
  • A research project published with the aid of State Medical Education Board, Govt of Kerala to investigate on the plant Ixora coccinea.
  • Pharmacognostical and Pharmacological studies on the root of Ixora coccinea Linn. (Rubiaceae), P.V. Panicker et.al in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol.53, 1991 page 92-93.
  • Anti inflammatory activity of the saporification fractions of the petroleum other extract of the root of Ixora cocinea Linn. P.V.Panicker et al in Indian J.Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol.55(1) 1993, PP 28- 32.
  • Anti inflammatory and anti-mitotic activities of lupeol isolated from the leaves of Ixora coccinea Linn., P.V.Panicker et al in Indian J. Pharmaceutical Science, July-August 1994 PP 129-131.
  • Scientific presentation in 55th IPC,Chennai on Pharmacognostical standards for Bixa orellana (CP-22) by Rani.S, Padmaja V and Velayudha Panicker P
Articles published : (Reference: www.ijper.org)
  • Reorientation in Teaching Pharmacognosy;IJPE,Vol.9 (2) 1975, page39-40.
  • A Holistic Concept of Indian Therapy; IJPE, Vol.30, number 4, Dec.1996, page 147
  • Herbal Pharmacist – A link between Tradition and Modernity, IJPE; Vol.36(2), Oct-Dec, 2002, page 168
  • Invited editorial; Restructuring Pharmacognosy in Emerging Global Scenario, IJPE,Vol.39 (5) Apr-Jun 2005, page 60.
  • Invited editorial- Third Phase of Development of Pharmacy Training; IJPER, Vol.40 (6), Apr-June 2006,
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